Not always all goes as expected 😉

To begin with, pleasant high temperatures of above 20ºC and mild winds make our guest skydivers enjoy the annual boogie event. Our DZ is full of people, as well as our guest house La Aceituna, full integration, lots of organised skydives and afterparties, 4 aircrafts and excellent coaches. After the pandemic break, it looks like everything is perfectly organised and over 150 skydivers enjoy blue skies in Seville.

No AFF on Xmass Boogie

We are specialist is AFF courses, beginners and licence progression, so we don’t have courses activity in this season, but we highly recommend to all experienced skydivers to join to polish their skills.

All disciplines

This time the Xmass Boogie is meant for all kind of levels. Unlicensed can aim for individual coaching or start basic flat formation skydives. However free fall, wing suit, angle flying, head down progression and formations are on the daily basis.

Xmass Boogie day two, 35 loads, over 500 skydives!

We like to share with you a nice video edit by Adrian Daszkowski, where you can see all kinds of skills! Even beginner struggling sometimes and trying their best to be on the slot. And awesome shots of angle tracking and jumps requiring hundreds of jumps and a lot of skills.

AFF courses in 2023 start in February. We still have some free slots. Do you aim to participate in the 2023 Xmass Boogie? Let’s start from the scratch and enroll for AFF course today!

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