See all our current prices. All Skydive Atmosfera and Skydive Spain prices are in Euros. USPA prices are quoted in USD.

See the description of the AFF course packages here . But if you are interested in reactivating your AFF after a long break, contact us on how to do it optimally and safely for you. Also, please contact us if you would like to complete your AFF training with us, started elsewhere.

AFF course – 2024 prices and packages

AFF prices 2023 NEW Skydive Atmosfera

FSC license course

FSC Licence Progression Courses Prices 2023

All prices 2024 – Skydive Atmosfera

Tandem Jump 13000 ft265
Video and photo – external camera109
Filming and photo selfie (with canopy flight)84
AFF INTRO (includes liability, equipment and tickets)520
AFF PRO5 Course1450
AFF Standard course with accommodation1950
AFF Full course with accommodation 2150
AFF L1-3 level repeat230
AFF L4-7 level repeat175
Course FSC Simple to licence A 770
Course FSC Standard to licences A and B 890
FSC Full Course to licences A and B 1450
CF INTRO (includes equipment and tickets)450
Parachute packing course for license (non-commercial)100
Canopy piloting course100
Water training50
Jump coached FS, FF, Track (does not include your equipment and ticket)109
Package of 5 jump coached as above*490
Check Out Jump (includes your ticket, doesn´t include gear rental)145
Hop&Pop (dispatch)60
Hop&Pop (dispatch & video)80
Rental of equipment with pack job23
Rental of equipment with pack job – pack of 10*210
Rental of equipment with pack job – pack of 20*400
Pack job8
Scorpio Pack Job (with canopy untangling)15
Scorpio Mega Pack Job (with canopy untangling and container cleaning)30
Reserve repack for 1 year100
Ground school for AFF graduates from other schools120
Theoretical training individually100
Altimeter rental /day6
Rental of suit, helmet/piece/stay up to 7 days flat rate10
Transfers Bollullos pickup point – DZ/day10
Sevilla airport/center transfer/for all passengers (overnight x 2)60
*) Packages are non transferible and non refundable, valid 12 months.

Jump tickets – paid to Skydive Spain

Jump ticket34,50
Package of 10 tickets33,50/jump

License costs – paid to USPA

USPA Membership first year, price in USD (renewal annually $66,-)78
USPA license issuance fee, one time, price in USD36