AFF Course Prices 2023 and Packages

AFF prices 2023 NEW Skydive Atmosfera

FSC (Licence Progression) Prices 2023

FSC Licence Progression Courses Prices 2023

All Prices 2023 – Skydive Atmosfera

Tandem Skydive 15000ft265
Video & photos external skydiver109
Video & photos selfie84
AFF INTRO jump (incl. all gear, tickets and insurance)520
AFF SLOW –> according to jump prices as in the chart above
AFF Course PRO51450
AFF Course Standard1750
AFF Course Full1950
AFF L1-3 repetition230
AFF L4-7 repetition175
Reactivation/Retrain jump 2 instructors (more than 12 months from last jump)290
Reactivation/Retrain jump 1 instructor (more than 12 months from last jump)190
Formation Skydive Course FSC Standard899
Formation Skydive Course FSC Full1499
–> NEW! CF INTRO jump (inc. gear and tickets)450
Packing Parachute Course100
Canopy Piloting Course100
Water Training50
Coached Jump FS 1/1 (not incl. your gear and ticket)109
Check Out Jump (incl. all gear and tickets)175
Hop&Pop (dispatch)60
Hop&Pop (dispatch & video)80
Gear Rental with pack job20
Pack Job7
Scorpio Pack Job (entangled canopy)15
Scorpio Mega Pack Job (entangled canopy and container to clean)30
Reserve Repack100
Ground school for external school AFF graduates120
Ground school in individual date100
Altimeter rental/day6
Jumpsuit, helmet rental/each/stay up to 10 days10
Transfers Bollullos pick up point – DZ/day10
Transfer Sevilla airport/city center /ride for all passengers (night +10%)60
Accommodation and meals –> contact us

Jump tickets – Skydive Spain

Jump ticket – 15000ft each load34,50
10 Jump Tickets Block33,50 each

Licence and membership fees – USPA

USPA Membership 1st year, renewal yearly 66,- (USD)78
USPA Licence Fee, lifetime (USD)36


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