We are absolutely thrilled and grateful to all participants for helping us wrap up an incredible skydiving season at our base in Spain, which lasted from January to the end of May! Wow, what an adventure it was! And most importantly, it was safe! You could find our students daily progression on our social networks for sure!

Now it’s time for technical inspections (and a bit of yard work 😉) and to take care of our base during the hot summer in Seville. But don’t worry, we’ll be back in the skies as soon as the heat subsides!

We wish everyone a safe season in your respective countries and good luck to all AFF course candidates. If for any reason you don’t manage to complete it, remember our bridge programs!

Save the date—September 13th is our first AFF course of the new season, and everyone is invited to join the fun! We’ll be operating from mid-September until early December, so there’s a slot for everyone!

Thank you all for an amazing season, and see you soon for more sky-high adventures! 🌟🪂

Seville 30 May…
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