FSC – Outline

The Formation Skydive Course (FSC) is a unique and original programme, inspired on BPA FS1 course. Our Chief Instructor Iwan simplified it and created according to USPA recommendations. Transparent and easy steps lead you to achieve solo skydiver licence in a few days time.

FSC is an extremely important step towards safe jumping with other jumpers. The first joyful, solo jumps when finished AFF course quickly become boring. In addition to it, relationships made at the dropzone on the ground soon start tempting to have fun also in the air. However, without proper knowledge and skills, you can be exposed to serious problems.

After completing the basic AFF training, the young graduate has no idea how much else he or she should learn.

FSC Licence Progression

FSC – what is it about

This course, also like the AFF , is divided into levels. Passing them allows you to move on to the next exercise. The difference between basic training and FSC, however, is that the jumper has enough time for any number of solo jumps between each level, as he/she desires. Thanks to this formula, everyone can divide the training into a number of jumps according to their needs. We estimate that one needs 10-15 jumps to complete succesfully the 5 levels. For those who have more time, the course can be extended for more time, in order to focus on individual exercises. Each level of training is about practising the technique of the plane exit, improving the free fall skills and training canopy flying.

FSC – what includes

The FSC license course includes (for more details, see packages link below):

  • skydiving manual “What Next After AFF”
  • 5 coached jumps
  • organised training jumps with experienced skydivers
  • canopy piloting exercises
  • advanced emergency situations
  • canopy packing
  • water training
  • USPA licence exams
FSC license course

Pawel’s opinion:

The first meeting with Iwan and Ula, the first talks and I already knew it would be interesting. After two days of stay, I already regretted that I went only for 12 days. This licence training consisting of 5-10 stages turned out to be the missing link in the further development of my jumping.

Starting from completely new issues for me regarding body control during free fall, building formations, going for for additional canopy control excersices, until a lot of extensive theoretical knowledge supported by experience. All these issues, together with the elements of fun to break the tension during the jump, make up a very well prepared program of the “FSC” Skydive Atmosfera training.

The training, combined with delicious cuisine and the atmosphere that Iwan and Ula host to all visitors, and the opportunity to meet various interesting people from different parts of the globe, creates a perfect environment for people who like active holidays in great company with a lot of sun.

Pawel Poblocki, Crazy Donut 4-way Team
Crazy Donut 4-way Team
Organised licence progression courses are unfortunately not as popular as AFF. This is due to many reasons, among which the length of the most Europe season and the weekend-only activity of the drop zones is the most important. Due to such a set of circumstances, experienced instructors are mainly involved in tandem jumps and AFF (Edyta, B licence of FSC in Spain)

All training at Skydive Atmosfera is conducted according to the USPA recommendations. We update our programmes every year to ensure the most recent knowledge and skydivers´instructors experience.

Join us for your licence progression in the sunny Spain.