Skydiving Series E-Books

Skydiving Series is a set of useful skydiving manuals in a convenient form of e-books in pdf. Out of 6 e-books the first to be available in English is “AFF – what next?”, a manual do Skydiver’s License Progression. Very useful compilation of information about what the next steps after AFF course are. A must-have for each AFF graduate!

AFF what next

From the author:

More than once have I seen astonishment on the faces of jumpers, to whom I told that the most difficult is the first thousand of jumps. Some took it for a joke, others perhaps suspected me of glorifying my own number of jumps.

In fact, both interpretations are that it is not the first contact with the parachuting what is the greatest threat. Danger lurks in the early independence of the jumper, which is accompanied by a lack of sufficient knowledge and still immature psychomotor reflexes…

250 pages that may save your life!

Where to buy

You can grab this e-book here.

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