Our home dropzone, Skydive Spain, is a reliable and highly-efficient, operating all-year-round skydiving centre in Seville, Spain. It is the perfect dropzone to visit if you want to jump all day long, any day of the week!

Skydive Spain – at a glance

Skydive Spain has many facilities to support the skydiving operation and to give you the best experience, whether on holiday fun jumping, here to take an AFF course, experience a Tandem Skydive, participate in team training or take part in one of Skydive Spain’s events.  We offer three twin turbine Dornier G92 aircraft, flying to 15,000 feet in around 13 minutes. Our facilities offer shower/toilet block, bar/cafe, huge packing area in two hangars and a hook-up point for RVs. Please contact us prior to arrival for arrangement if needed.

  • Large landing area
  • Turbine aircrafts
  • Highest altitude in Europe – 15,000ft!
  • Good weather all year round
  • Near several international airports
  • Large Packing room (carpet)
  • On-site Rigger (BPA and FAA certified)
  • Debriefing rooms with camera docks
  • Large flat-screen TV for debriefs
  • Creepers, Mock-up area, shop, free WIFI Internet connection and much more….

The Aircraft

skydive spain

Skydive Spain is committed to having a turbine aircraft permanently based on the airfield. Normally this is our Spanish registered plane – EC-KTC, a twin turbine Dornier G92 which takes 15 skydivers to 15,000 feet in 13 minutes!

During our busy periods, don’t be surprised if you see a few of our other Dorniers flying skydivers to altitude! We bring in the right amount of aircraft to serve the amount of jumpers we have.

All our super fast turbine aircraft are provided to us by Wingglider Limited. www.wingglider.co.uk

Skydive Spain Facilities

skydive spain


We have many classrooms and debriefing areas all with TVs and access to DVD recorders.  The first floor classrooms are equipped with A/C for the summer temperatures. This is where the briefings for our tandem skydives and AFF courses, among others, take place.

Equipment Rental

Secure kit store for all centre equipment; tandem rigs, student rigs, hire rigs.  We have rental rigs available, starting at 280 sq ft down to 190 sq ft.  Should you require to hire an altimeter, jumpsuit or helmet there is a fee and a form of ID is required. See our current price list here.

There is a huge padded packing area in the main hangar, and more space in the second hangar.  We have a small team of packers available to offer you the bliss of not packing, for a small fee.

De-briefing Area

We have large flat screen TVs ideal for watching your previous jump with friends and a dedicated de-briefing area for external schools or coached jumps.  All screens are set up with all the camera leads for ease of use. 

Skydive Spain Office and Manifest

We offer a multi language Office and Manifest crew as well as a BURBLE computer based ticketing system. There are visible departure viewer monitors in the hangar and bar for everybody to check their load minutes.

WIFI Internet

Skydive Spain offers a free WIFI Internet connection for our skydivers and visitors to make your stay even more comfortable and convenient.

skydive spain

WIFI Internet Cloud 9 CAFÉ & BAR

The airfield Café offers a selection of hot and cold drinks & snacks. Plus a wide selection of alcoholic drinks for your well earned thirst, DVD’s, stereo system, large flat-screen TV and free WIFI Internet connection.


skydive spain

If you are beginner or experienced skydiver and no matter what learning goals you might have, at Skydive Atmosfera we will give you the needed attention, experience and knowledge. And our coaches can train you with the best know-how, equipment and infrastructure while combining enjoyable atmosphere, high quality and safety. All this will round up your successful training.

Directions – how to get to Skydive Spain

Here is the link with information, how to get to Skydive Spain. But remember, that we also offer our Base – DZ transfers!

Come and enjoy an international renowned skydiving center in south of Spain!