AFF Skydiving Course – sky is your new playground

AFF is the fastest and safest way to become a skydiver. The amazing feeling of freedom, of space and free fall are impossible to describe from the ground. Enormous emotions and adrenaline accompanying the skydiving course can be even addictive. The possibility of flying with other jumpers after the course, making figures on the unlimited sky playground gives a lot of joy and satisfaction. Also in addition to all that, the AFF parachute course is also a great idea for an original holiday plan and a break from everyday routine.

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kurs spadochronowy aff

AFF Skydiving Course – fast, modern and personal

AFF skydiving course is fast. Yes, even in 4-5 days you can learn how to jump out of the plane from a height of 15 000 ft (the highest in Europe!), freefall for over a minute making various acrobatics and finally open a parachute and steer it to the safe landing. Although we recommend minimum 7 days stay, with 10 days as optimum.

After the AFF course, you can continue to train to acquire the skills to jump with other skydivers and obtain the license of the USPA B solo skydiver.

Before you jump out of the plane for the first time with your parachute on your back and in the company of your instructors, you will have a full-day theoretical training, exercises on the ground, parachute harness training and theoretical knowledge exam.

During the AFF course, you also learn how to pilot you parachute. Canopy piloting is a completely separate discipline of this sport (advanced skydivers may want to develop their skills in the so-called SWOOP). After opening the canopy, your instructors help you steer and land using radio communication.

aff skydiving course

After the jumps, the instructors analyse videos (de-brief) and set the exercises to improve and ensure your progress. The course is adapted to your psychophysical conditions to the maximum. Training in small groups of 2-3 people ensure a very individual approach.

AFF Skydiving Course – Outline:

Ground School – first things first!

Iwan with his students during landing briefing at the DZ.
AFF skydiving course
  • Lectures and presentations in the form of discussion panels,
  • Ground exercises: free fall body position, signal recognition, position correction, height control, canopy pull practices, strengthening the back muscles, instructor control,
  • Exercises at the dropzone: exercises on a skydiving harness, on an airplane mock-up, correct free fall position simulation, approach to landing and landing simulation,
  • Preparation for the jump: jumpsuit, helmet, goggles, getting to know your gear.
Jump with two instructors – levels 1-3
aff skydiving course
Jump with one instructor – levels 4-7

Jumps from the plane from a height of about 15 000 ft:

  • Level 1: AFF jump with two instructors, familiarization with free fall, altitude control, opening the parachute, landing with radio guidance.
  • Level 2: AFF jump with two instructors, practice turns, flying on heading without holding one instructor, landing with radio guidance.
  • Level 3: AFF jump with two instructors, exercise to keep the heading without holding two instructors, landing with radio.
  • Level 4: AFF jump with one instructor, practice turns without holding, landing with radio.
  • Level 5: AFF jump with one instructor, unassisted exit from the plane, stable body position, landing without a radio.
  • Level 6: AFF jump with one instructor, unassisted exit from the plane, destabilisation and stabilisation, landing without a radio.
  • Level 7: AFF jump with one instructor, stable body position, arrow-track, standing landing.
  • Level 8: Hop & Pop jump: a low altitude exit jump from a height of about 5000 ft.
Ella on his examination final AFF skydive.

AFF Skydiving Course – Framework of your stay:

We can adjust your course to your vacation duration, nevertheless we would recommend a minimum stay of 7, optimally 10 days.

This is a framework example of your course during your 10-days stay, day by day:

  1. Arrival, accommodation check-in, payments, insurance
  2. Ground school, registration, DZ brief
  3. Refresh, ground exercises, 1 jump, level 1 AFF
  4. Theory refresh, 2 jumps, levels 2 and 3 AFF
  5. 2 or 3 jumps, levels 4-6 AFF
  6. The remaining AFF jumps, level 6-7 AFF
  7. Time off or solo jumping
  8. Solo jumping
  9. Solo jumping
  10. Departure

This schedule makes the timing the most efficient one. Therefore, in case of any obstacle, such as worse weather, any technical issue, your actual state of mind or physical health, we have several back-up days. Also, you will have some time for sightseeing, beach travel or simply disconnect and enjoy your time off. On the other hand however, yes – you can accelerate your AFF Skydiving Course and have more days for enjoying solo jumping.

During the personalised AFF Skydiving Course we adapt it to your individual preferences and predispositions.

AFF Skydiving Course
Safe landing on a student canopy

AFF Skydiving Course – how to book

We run AFF courses on the daily basis. Book your date and we will get back to you confirming the available slots. As we run courses in different languages, we will let you know what dates are available for your choice.