tandem skydive 15 000 ft


Want to jump in the sun? If you are looking to experience the thrill freefall without having any previous experience, tandem jump is a great choice for you. Perfect idea for your birthday, anniversary or just a plan for an adrenaline filled weekend! After only 15 minutes of instruction, you will be ready to do a tandem skydive with your expert instructor. You will experience terminal velocity at around 130 mph on your first jump for up to a minute! This can only be achieved from 15.000 feet.

  • 15 minute briefing prior to the jump
  • Strapped to a highly experienced and qualified instructor
  • Highest exit altitude permitted in Europe: 15.000 ft!
  • 1 full minute in freefall reaching a speed of 130mph!
  • Exhilarating five minute canopy ride
  • Option to purchase the video & photos package

Tandem skydive is also a great idea for a gift voucher. Being a more and more fashionable gift, this is getting more and more popular!

tandem skydive
tandem skydive


Be sure to book the video and photos option for your tandem skydiving adventure! You will be able to relive the feelings of your  jump, the experience, the adrenaline, the peaceful feeling and the freedom, plus you can share it with family and friends as many times as you want!

You will be receiving a video around 7 minutes long and about 20 photos. We strongly recommend that you choose your Video & Photo option at the time of booking.  In this way on the day, availability might be limited.

tandem skydive

We offer two options for camera at Skydive Atmosfera: external camera and hand camera – selfie tandem. We are located just 20 minutes south-west of Sevilla, in the south of Spain.

tandem skydive


Tandem-AFF is designed for AFF course students. This is a great idea for those, who feel a bit insecure before the first AFF course jump. Therefore, after the ground school, we perform a tandem with skydive orientation, such as, altitude awareness, body position control, landing pattern training etc.


Check our Frequently Asked Question page to solve your doubts and answer your possible questions about this adventure here.

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