2022 AFF Course dates
Iwan with his student on a Level 3 jump

AFF course

To make your AFF course is comfortable, we have made sure that everything else is already well organised. Our packages are unbeatable and fit into any pocket. Therefore, you can choose from various options from conveniently pay for each jump separately, or to purchase a package that suits you. Here you will find answers to the question of what each package contains. AFF course – see prices in the pricelist.

AFF course – only with us!

Our AFF packages include theoretical training, rental of all equipment necessary for jumps, plane tickets, jumps from about 4700 and compulsory third party liability insurance, valid all year round the world. And many extras! Compare aff course – see package prices here.


This plan is mainly for residents living in Spain, residents with only weekends off. Here you can pay for each level separately and jump when you have the money. Overall, however, such a rate is a bit more expensive than the package and may be conducive to lengthening the intervals between jumps and lower your progresion. And this can adversely affect your progress.


This is a plan for ambitious or highly gifted or having spent a lot of time in the wind tunnel. But also for those who come back after a very long break. This is an express AFF with only 5 jumps. All levels are required to complete AFF, but it is possible to complete 2 levels in one jump. Note that UK dropzones only accept an AFF course if the log book reflects 7 AFF jumps done. We leave the decision to you.

AFF Standard:

This is the most popular plan, classic AFF course. In addition to the jumps above, ground school and 8 jumps (AFF 7 + Hop & Pop), logbook with cover, skydiving t-shirt we offer DZ transfers from a pick-up point. This is also for people who already jumped in a tandem or don’t want one.

AFF Full:

This plan is for people, who think they are a bit more sensitive and might fight with fear. Which is natural and common by the way! So in addition to all that AFF Standard package has, it includes additional AFF jump or a TANDEM-AFF jump. Jumping a tandem may be a good idea to ” break the ice”. If you already jumped a tandem, you can use this jump as a “reserve” AFF jump, for a level repetition, or reactivation when coming here next time, for a licence progression.

David on his 7th AFF exam jump – just passed!

AFF course – accommodation and catering

You don’t need to worry about anything. As our club member you can use our accommodation facilities close to the DZ and to our training base. We provide daily shuttle transfers and if you wish also breakfasts and dinners after the jumps.

See on ours Youtube channel skydiving videos of our training, jumping and how we spend our holidays here and join us!