You have started an AFF course in Poland or another cooler country and …. can’t finish it?

complete the AFF course in Spain

You can complete the AFF course in Spain.

This is very important information – you don’t have to start AFF from scratch!

The reasons for not completing an AFF course can be many. Most often it’s the weather, the availability of instructors, and the time we can allocate for weekend trips to the DZ. The season in Europe is relatively short. The number of rainy, cloudy and windy days far outweighs the sunny and windless days of the year.

Tandems, weather, queque

Once we have dream weather, there are tandem passengers, videographers, organized groups waiting in line. In Poland and northern Europe, they usually jump only on the weekend. For several months and basically only weekends. Some are cancelled by weather forecasts, and some fall victim to random events, such as airspace reservations, aircraft breakdowns or inspections, competitions…. etc. Whoa! Airspace can be blocked even by something like a volcanic eruption or a Pope´s visit.

Growing Fears

If one has started AFF skydiving course, a winter break will not only lead to a regression of skills. It will also cause increased stress before jumping. Over time, we will begin to explain to ourselves rationally why jumping is not for us. And the truth is on the side of accumulating fears. Inevitably, with longer breaks, the memory of the joy of jumping is smothered by indefinite fears and lack of confidence in one’s ability to acquire skills.

How to complete the AFF course when there are no jumps? There is a solution to this problem!

In Spain, we enjoy 80% of the sunny days of the year. Easy air connections, year-round efficient zone ensures as many loads as we want. The availability of up to 3 aircraft gives freedom of action for larger groups. During one trip to sunny Spain, you can efficiently complete the AFF course you started elsewhere. You can jump on your own and get a good feel for the air, go up a level and learn more skills. And you might even be tempted to make a license and start the new season in your country as an independent jumper!

Customized Individual Program!

An individualized bridging program will be prepared for each person, so that the skills acquired earlier will result in faster completion of the course and start jumping independently to an A or B license.

What does it take to complete an AFF course in Spain?

  • Send us an application form and describe your situation.
  • Ensure that you have a completed jump book with AFF jumps confirmed by the instructor.
  • If possible, send us videos of the jumps.
  • Select or propose a date and wait for confirmation.

A tunnel? Better to spend on jumping!

Of course, a wind tunnel is a good idea for improving freefall skills, but it will never replace jumping and the thrill of it. About the tunnel, the recommended exercises needed to complete the AFF, you can also get help from us and completely free of charge.

Jumping in Spain from mid-September to mid-June, almost all year round!

Instead of sitting and waiting for late spring in Europe, it is better to fly to your all-year-round base in Spain:

  • complete the AFF course,
  • jump from 15000 ft,
  • learn parachute packing,
  • Return to your country with a license,
  • You can come with family or friends, relax, sunbathe, explore Seville or go to the Ocean.
  • At a time when there is depression in cloudy countries caused not only by the news in the media, but also by the lack of sunshine, you can feel the southern backlash and recharge your batteries.
complete the AFF in Spain