But the AFF course is done. Whoa! Even made a brave solo jump! Congratulations to Szymon for AFF full of emotional ups and downs, as it is sometimes the case with the parachute course. We often say that AFF is an adventure with your own mind. And that’s why you often come to visit us.

It is worth mentioning that Szymon was one of our great supporters, who during the Covid pandemic and the total closing and suspension of all courses for a good year, not only did not demand the return of his AFF course deposit, but also paid us a large amount to the Club’s account! Thanks to this, we were able to maintain the base in difficult times, and Szymon now had a comfortable stay and jumps already financed.

We would like to thank you twice for your trust and we are also glad that we could meet Szymon’s expectations. Congratulations and see you on the solo jumper license course!

Szymon with Ivan, Sebastian from behind and of course Los Petardos could not be missing

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