With pleasant summer temperature we don´t stop skydiving daily. Grzegorz just got reactivated after a break and headed straight for his C licence!

Kuba is doing amazing progress, yesterday AFF and today the first licence done! This is what happens when you can jump every day for a 10 days or more, the progress is incredible and skills just come without notice ;).

In the meantime Edward and Roman started their AFF course, Los Petardos are back with their respective skydiving girlfriends.

Old friend Malpa visited his skydiving “Mum &Dad” and we welcomed in the air and on the ground a new guest, Budzik. Also our fans, Chaos and Kacper enjoyed summertime weather in October in Spain. Good time guaranteed!

We also organised an incredible hot-air balloon jumps with spectacular views and as always – perfect, safety first, organisation! Join us in sunny Spain for November and December Skydiving!

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