Regulations of the Aviation Enthusiasts Club ( Klub Milosnikow Sportow Lotniczych – KMSL)

  1. The Aviation Enthusiasts Club (KMSL) affiliated with the Hang Gliding and Paragliding Instructors Association aims to integrate the international aviation community, provide a platform for information exchange, and access to attractive insurance offers.
  2. The fees paid in accordance with the KMSL membership application are 100% allocated to cover the insurance costs of club members.
  3. Any individual or legal entity can become a member of KMSL upon payment of the fees specified in the current KMSL membership application.
  4. Individuals joining KMSL can specify the scope of group insurance they wish to join in their membership declaration. In such cases, the TOTAL amounts provided for each selected insurance option, without any additional handling costs, will be considered as fulfilling the conditions of point 3 of the regulations.
  5. Annual and semi-annual liability/personal accident/hull insurance policies can be activated at any time of day or week upon submission of a properly completed membership application along with a clear confirmation of the payment of the applicable fees to the KMSL administrator – Financial Hut. Confirmation of entry into the insurance agreement is sent to club members by email no later than 24 hours after sending the complete documents (declaration + payment confirmation) to the Financial Hut. In the case of online payments in the electronic form, confirmation is sent immediately.
  6. The membership in the club is indefinite. A club member can resign in writing by sending a resignation to the club administrator via email.
  7. Individuals joining KMSL consent to the processing of their personal data for the purpose of concluding insurance, sending confirmation messages to their email and/or postal address, as well as their mobile phone, reminding them of the expiration of insurance, as well as notifications about changes in the mode, method, or scope of club insurance and regulations. In addition, the customer can opt out of receiving periodic club newsletters related to aviation on the club application or at any other time via email.
  8. Individuals joining KMSL consent to all club-related correspondence being conducted electronically and/or through traditional mail.
  9. In the event that the activities of a KMSL member are deemed harmful to the interests of the club’s members by the club administrator or if their actions restrict the ability to operate and/or develop KMSL, there is a possibility of excluding the club member from KMSL membership.
  10. Any inquiries regarding the interpretation of the provisions of the KMSL regulations should be directed to the administrator at the email address:
  11. These regulations come into effect on May 7, 2014.