Yes! You can complete the AFF course in Spain.

This is very important information – you don’t have to start AFF from scratch!

There are many reasons why the AFF course might not be completed. Most often, this is due to unfavorable weather, lack of instructor availability, or limited time that we can dedicate to additional weekend trips. The season in north Europe is quite short, and the number of rainy, cloudy, and windy days outweighs sunny and calm days for most of the year.

Tandems, weather, queue

complete the AFF course in Spain

Once we have the desired weather, tandem passengers, cameramen, organized groups are waiting in line. In Poland and northern Europe, jumping usually takes place only on weekends. For a few months, mainly on weekends. Some cancellations are due to weather forecasts, while others fall victim to random events, such as airspace reservations, malfunctions or aircraft inspections, competitions… etc. Heck! Airspace can even be blocked by things like a volcanic eruption or a papal visit.

Growing fears

If someone has started AFF skydiving training, a winter break will lead not only to a regression of skills but also to an increase in fear before jumps. Over time, we will start to rationally explain to ourselves why skydiving isn’t for us. The truth lies in the accumulation of fears. Inevitably, longer breaks cloud the memory of the joy of jumping with undefined concerns and a lack of confidence in our ability to acquire skills.

How to complete the AFF course when there are no jumps? There is a solution to this problem!
In Spain, we enjoy 80% sunny days per year. Easy flight connections, a year-round efficiently operating drop zone provide as many take-offs as we want. Availability of up to 3 planes allows for flexibility in case of larger groups. During a trip to sunny Spain, you can efficiently finish the started AFF course from elsewhere. You can jump independently and gain a good feeling in the air, move to a higher level, and learn additional skills. You might even consider getting a license and starting a new season in your country as an independent skydiver!

Individual bridging program!

An individual bridging program will be prepared for each person, so that previously acquired skills result in faster course completion and the start of solo jumps toward an A or B license.

What do you need to do to complete the AFF course in Spain?

  • Send us the application form and describe your situation.
  • Ensure you have a completed logbook with confirmed AFF jumps by an instructor.
  • If possible, send us videos of your jumps.
  • Choose or propose a date and wait for confirmation.
aff course retrain in Spain

Wind Tunnel? Better spend on jumps!

Of course, a wind tunnel is a good idea for improving freefall skills, but it can never replace actual jumps and the associated emotions. Regarding the tunnel and the recommended exercises needed to complete AFF, you can also receive assistance from us, completely free.

Complete the AFF course in Spain from mid-September to mid-June, almost the whole year, in English, Polish or Spanish!

Instead of waiting for late spring in your country, it’s better to fly to our skydiving base in Spain:

  • Complete the AFF course.
  • Jump from 15000 ft.
  • Learn parachute packing.
  • Return to your country with A license.

You can come to complete the AFF course in Spain with your family or friends, relax, sunbathe, visit Seville, or go to the beach.
During a time when gloomy countries experience depression caused not only by news in the media but also by a lack of sunlight, you can experience southern relaxation and recharge your batteries.

complete the AFF in Spain