skydiving malfunction VR

New on our YouTube: 360º VR

Here you have a possibility to watch the full sequence of a skydiving “small” malfunction, tension knot, cutaway and landing on reserve. If you have VR goggles, the experience is even more immersing. It’s recommendable to watch this video several times and study the case from different angles.

dornier do92 skydive atmosfera 15000ft

Power up!

Today we have a bit of wind in the morning, so the best idea is to take advantage of the free time and learn to pack your parachute. Another requirement for a skydiver’s licence done! Yesterday we had a pleasure to welcome back Michael, Piotr and Kacper for some funjumping. Read more…

The Forecast Beaten!

When in the north of Spain there is snow and rain, we have a pretty and sunny start of December. Winter skydiving could be quite chilly in the morning, but during the day as you can see it could be really really nice! Welcome back Michael, this year AFF graduate Read more…

Sunny November Skydive

Following Malfoy, Ramzi and Ca Rloss example, you need about 7-12 days to obtain your skydiver´s licence USPA. The more days you can allow yourself to stay, the more solo jump, faster progression and more skills achieved. Congratulations to our former AFF students on their achievement! See you back soon! Read more…