Sajid with Iwan tandem skydive from 15000ft

Each video is unique

Here you have Said from Pakistan, enjoying his 15000ft tandem skydive with his tandem master Iwan. This video, edited by Ula, is a good example of a nice souvenir each Skydive Atmosfera passenger can get from his tandem skydive or even the whole AFF course.

We carefully edit all videos, paying attention to each skydiver individual needs, expectations, likes, preferred music styles. Just to make sure it is one of a kind and unique, quite like everybody!

Handcam option

This tandem jump was filmed by Iwan using his camera mounted on his wrist. This kind of filming requires more experience and flying abilities of a tandem master than a “normal” tandem skydive. Apart from controlling the rig handles, body position also of the passenger, the altitude and the canopy, the pilot tries to get the best angle to capture best moments from the skydive.

Canopy flying

What gives an advantage to the hand cam video is that the passenger can relive the under-the-canopy experience, which is not recorded in case of choosing external camera option. Of course both options, luxurious versions, are possible too :D!

We hope you enjoyed the video and we will see you sooner or later on our dropzone, skydiving with us!

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