Basically this is the short description of our main activities in June 😅. Due to higher temperatures 🔥and summer timing on our DZ, we start skydiving even at 7.00 am and finish around 14.00. For the balloon 🎈🪂 we meet as early as at 6.00 (!). So on one side early birds, but on the other a lot of free time after jumps. With only 67 kms car drive to the closest Atlantic beach – Matalascañas – it could be a perfect day for Ocean lovers 🌊.

Of course we don’t waste any time in the morning. Full with AFF jumps, coaching jumps and licence progression, even some tandem jumps too! Our guys are in each load and this is the maximum progress!

No wonder that after such an intensive day finished with big home-made meal and some drinks, our June guests go to sleep as babies ;)))).

With such a friendly and light-hearted atmosphere you don’t need to worry about anything. 15 mins and you will feel like you have known everybody for ages. Perfect accommodation, nice meals, DZ transfers, airport lifts, we take care of everything. You just get yourself to the Seville airport and … the adventure starts!

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