what to bring to an AFF course in Spain

…Which means we’re packing for the AFF course!

What to bring with you to the AFF course is also a frequently asked question:

  • Sports shoes with a thick sole, preferably behind the ankle, tied, necessarily without hooks, but not necessarily heavy and uncomfortable, as for walking in the mountains ;), but rather light and airy.
  • Comfortable sportswear under the suit. In the winter season (November – February), thermal underwear. Such as for skiing, a warm and lightweight turtleneck sweatshirt. A fleece and a windbreaker jacket are useful for the zone. Hat at will, temperatures do not fall below zero, but there are sometimes several days of “cold waves” when it is even 6-8 degrees in the morning.
  • What should I bring with me to the AFF during the summer season (March-October)? For jumping, all you need is a few t-shirts to change into and short shorts, a shirt to shield you from sunburn, a fleece for possibly cooler evenings, and plenty of free memory for super memories ;).
  • A baseball cap or straw hat, especially from May to September the sun bakes hard. These accessories can be purchased for little money at local stores.
  • Sunscreen even in winter, even 50 in summer.
  • Lunch funds and for small snacks, drinks, coffee or beer at the airport.
  • In Spain, no medical examination is needed, but after the age of 40, the zone requires a certificate from any doctor or internist that there are no contraindications to parachuting. Candidates over 50 are invited to contact us to determine eligibility for the AFF course.
  • ID card or passport.
  • We recommend an EHIC health insurance card or a purchased KL/NNW policy. Liability insurance as part of the AFF course with us is free is Liability insurance, but it does not cover your possible, albeit very unlikely, injury.
  • Cash or secured funds for withdrawal at an ATM if the AFF course is not yet paid in full.
  • A memory stick, flash drive, memory card or external drive for copying the tutorials, your videos and photos from the AFF course with a capacity of min. 32 GB.
  • Phone charger SIGNED.
  • Mandatory good mood, a lot of willingness to have a super time and a positive attitude :-D!

See you there :)!