In less than a week Michael from Germany finished his AFF course in Spain. After first levels, a bit chaotic, he took one day off for “supercompensation” ;), did a lot of ground excercises and had a good rest, and then just downhill all the way with no fear! Today celebration!

Congratulations! Thank you Michael for choosing Skydive Atmosfera for your AFF adventure, we wish you a lot of safe fun jumps!

Of course, we do hope to see you back soon for your licence progression :D! Now, enjoy the free fall without the “hampering” instructors 😉 by your side!

Michael after his AFF course final examination skydive.
  • Michael
  • Michael
  • Michael

AFF Skydiving Course is the fastest and safest way to become a skydiver. The amazing feeling of freedom, the feeling of space and free fall are indescribable from the ground. The enormity of emotions and adrenaline accompanying the parachute course can be even addictive, and the possibility of flying with other jumpers after the end of the course, creating figures on the unlimited playground, which is the sky, gives a lot of joy and satisfaction. Moreover, the AFF parachute course is also a great idea for an original vacation and a break from everyday reality.

Even in 3-4 days you can learn how to jump out of the plane from a height of 5,000 m (the highest in Europe!), Fall for over a minute by performing various stunts, open a parachute and land safely. After the AFF course, you continue to train to acquire the skills to jump with other jumpers and obtain the license of the USPA B solo skydiver.

Take a look at our AFF course packages here and choose the one for you. Get in touch for more details.

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