Take-Away Breakfast – Good Idea!

Sometimes you don´t feel like eating a lot in the very morning, not to mention cooking and dish-washing. But there is a long skydiving day ahead. So we have come with a useful solution: a take away fresh breakfast that we deliver to you to the DZ. So have a coffee or orange juice from our oranges in the morning and then give yourself a break between skydives and have something home-made. The choice is between classic european breakfast and keto version.

Classic Breakfast

Here you have two decent size fresh baguettes, butter, ham, edam cheese, Spanish chorizo, lettuce, a juice, an energy bar and a fruit. Prepared the same very morning on the day and delivered to you.

Keto Breakfast

Fried eggs, sausages, smoked bacon and Spanish chorizo, accompanied by the Andalusian gazpacho smoothie. The gazpacho ingredients provide big portion of vitamins and minerals, so important in the keto diet: tomatoes, red peppers, cucumbers, onion, virgen olive oil, salt & pepper and vinegar.

Meals come in certified for food storage boxes:

We strictly follow established rules for food processing, treating and conservation:

Dinner? We need time for skydiving 🙂 so from time to time – yes!

We love to cook, but don´t have a possibility of making dinners on the daily basis.

Fresh ingredients, big portions, healthy carbs/proteins/grease proportions and tasty combinations.

But if you are a group of minimum 4-5 people, we can prepare a nice meal for you after the jumps from time to time. Either our famous BBQ, traditional Polish and Mediterranean cuisine dishes, like pierogi, bigos, kopytka, schabowe or even home-made sushi party. We can prepare famous Spanish paella mixta. We also make home marmelade from our own oranges and figgs. Following the healthy food standards we also produce our own sausages and delicious smoked meat hams, fish etc. Most vegetables come from our own garden.