Please read all the information carefully. 

  • This is the HESTIA insurance company,  it is a third party, civil responsibility insurance valid worldwide, issued by Aviation Enthusiasts Club ( Klub Milosnikow Sportow Lotniczych “Finansowa Chata” – KMSL)
  • By buying this insurance you accept the Club regulations.
  • It is valid all year. Until the last day of the month of the next year previous to buying it. Example: if you buy it 7th of June 2023, it will be valid until 31th of May 2024; if you buy it on the 1st of May 2023, it will be valid until 30th of June 2024.
  • It is in Polish, but most important things are translated into English.
  • The general conditions are in English. 
  • It’s accepted on all DZs worldwide we know so far.
  • This insurance doesn’t cover your medical expenses nor any of your loses.
  • The scope of insurance is 1 200 000 PLN, which is more or less 270 000 EUR (check the actual exchange rate your currency vs. Polish Zloty PLN)
  • It doesn’t cover commercial skydiving services. If you need one, as a tandem pilot or AFF instructor please contact us and we give you an alternative one.

How to buy:

Contact us on whatsapp 0034 638 919 628 to get the current price and how to pay.

Fill the form with your details:


The Insurance pdf document:

  • After you send the payment confirmation you should receive your insurance in pdf a few minutes. 
  • I will send it to you via the way you have communicated with me (WhatsApp, Messenger, Email) . 
  • The password is your ID number provided above. It must contain 11 digits exactly. If your ID is shorter than 11 letters/numbers, you need to add appropriate number of zeros (0, not letter O) at the beginning. If it’s longer, no worries, it will be valid. The password is your 11-digits ID.
  • It’s  very important that you save it to your device. I don’t archive your policies due to data protection, so in case you loose it we need to contact Hestia, which may take a few days delay, especially if it is on the weekend. We don’t  take responsibility of how long Hestia will take to send the copy of the insurance requested.


Save your insurance pdf in your files or print it and attach to your logbook.


There is no need to renew the insurance immediately after it expires, if you don’t jump. Just wait before your next jumps planned and contact us know to renew it just before, so you don’t loose any week or a month of a valid insurance if you are not using it :).

Thank you and safe jumps!

View Hestia General Conditions in PDF.

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