Hot Summer in Seville

After a quite a long skydiving activities started in the late January this year, we stop our courses in July and August. There are a few reasons. The most important one is that it’s quite hot here in Seville and there is a limited number of loads a day, if we are lucky with the lack of thermics, windmills and rare winds in general. Which is typical in temperatures around 98-107ºF…

Second reason is that our skydiving centre limits the operating days to Wed-Sun. So if you want full week skydiving, come between half of September and half of June.

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Other reasons are that we have less skydivers to fill the load, as the respective countries local DZs have their high season. And what is also very important for the safety and smooth operations, we need time for maintenance, investments, revisions and some well deserved vacations on the beach or in the mountains ;).

Official start of AFF courses after the summer is 14th of September

AFF courses planned dates:

  • Earlier September FULL
  • 24 September
  • 01 October
  • 08 October
  • 18 October

Solo Skydivers

Of course if you happen do come to Seville as a skydiver and we are here, we can help with the equipment, packing, license, insurance etc.

See our AFF course packages and prices and plan your autumn – winter 2022 skydiving on the world-class skydiving centre with us!