Joanna’s new gears and No. 300 jump!

Our last year’s graduate of the AFF course, Joanna, made her … 300 jump! Asia is a real record holder, 300 jumps in a pandemic year is a great result! And on top of that, on your own, tailored made parachute equipment, which can be ordered here .

news in February 2022

AFF Maciek and Bogusz AFF course

Bogusz and Maciek also completed their AFF course. Of course, it was not without a celebration 😉 Big congratulations and now … we invite you to license training! . The weather was fantastic, so we made the most of our time!

Lots of new licenses and a visit from the famous Friz!

February was definitely marked by the issued parachute licenses. You can see that skydivers are getting ready to start the season in full swing. Congratulations to Ania, Iwo, Jędrzej on obtaining the jumper’s license and thank you for choosing us for your training centre! Jędrzej came to us right after AFF and in one trip he managed to jump up to 50 skydives. Such things only in Spain!

Karol Wiśniewski “Friz” and Kuba also obtained parachute licenses. It was not easy to find time in the tight schedule of a well-known Polish YouTuber between Africa and Hawaii, it’s great that we managed to fit Sevilla in! You will probably find more on his YouTube channel soon.

Hot air balloon jumping!

news in February 2022
Ben Maxfield’s balloon jump in February 2022

Traditionally, we organize jumps and flights with jumpers twice a month. The climate in Seville is definitely facilitating the all year-round activities, so it’s a real treat for adrenaline lovers! More, as well as planned dates, can be found in the balloon menu here.

A parachute trip to Bornos and a tandem jump of our Gregor Junior!

Just an hour from Seville and close to the charming Sierra Grazalema, there is a small private airport where you can also make a tandem jump. As a reward for good notes at school, our team mate Gregor Jr! Lots of emotions, fantastic weather, excellent company and most importantly, everything is safe! And after the jumps, a nice picnic by the lake. The Atmosfera is not only about jumping, this slogan has been guiding us from … Eighteen years.

We hope that you will like the news in February 2022 and you will plan a visit to the Polish skydiving base in Spain as soon as possible.

March promises to be just as intense. We hope that the global crisis will not spoil everything that has been preserved after two years of the pandemic. Which, by the way, is not over yet … For relaxation, mental detox, sun exposure, we invite you here.

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