The best description for Nadia’s truly transcendental tandem leap is her realistic feed back. It wasn’t easy, but it’s the sensitive and unconventional people who often come to Ivan for “Ivanotherapy.” A native of Ukraine, former athletics champion, now a student of directing academy in Poland, came to us accompanied by her jumper husband. From ” no, really no!”, “I have a fear of heights” etc. to the following relation:

Nadia’s report:

“Amazing how on Earth everything around us is extremely important and at the same time completely irrelevant, you just have to change your point of view. I always rejected thoughts of jumping because I was firmly convinced that I would never do it. I have always had a fear of heights and what a misguided assumption that jumping from 4,600 meters is not necessary for me. But sometimes there is a wonderful moment when you get to the right place and into the right hands, when you know that the person you are supposed to trust not only sees and hears you, but actually feels and knows what you are up against. It broadcasts on your waves, so as to inflict the right trajectory on you after a while, at different levels of your consciousness. Thanks to Grzegorz Iwan Gregor Kucharczyk, if it wasn’t for you, this wouldn’t have been possible, you are a magician! For someone such a jump is nothing special, but for me it is a kind of conscious madness. For a moment, I was able to break away from the world I know, and it was an unforgettable feeling.
P.S. I also had a great support group: Jakub Dobiasz, you planted the seed and inspired with your courage, Ula Ursula and Tomasz Jazłowiecki, you helped every step of the way, thank you so much for that! Skydive Atmosphere will always be in my heart!”

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