Welcome to the Skydive Atmosfera clubhouse, La Aceituna 🫒.

  • The most important 😁 👉 WIFI password is the QR code on the router in the living room.
  • Please keep the house clean, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms.
  • The tap water is drinkable 🚰.
  • Please wash the dishes after you 🍽 and throw away the rubbish regularly – washing and throwing out the rubbish is not part of the duties of the cleaning lady. The garbage cans are on the main street.
  • Please do not use the sink to wash clothes. Beware of the still unfinished overflow drain 😅🌊. At the Atmosfera training center, you can use a washing machine and a dryer for a fee.
  • Please use hot water sparingly 🛀. Hot water is used for gas heating from a cylinder in the kitchen, it runs out when the gas runs out. Then you need to connect a new cylinder 👉 contact Iwan or Tomek 👉 waiting for hot water 😰. It is worth checking the condition of the cylinders and let us know how suspiciously light it is 😅.
  • Cleaning agents, brush 🧹, mop etc. are in the storage compartment under the stairs and can be used.
  • Each bathroom has a toilet brush and detergent that you can and should use. General, so-called more serious house cleaning we try to organise as needed. Daily cleaning is the responsibility of the guests.
  • The mirrors in the bathrooms have bluetooth speakers. So you can listen to your music 🎶.
  • However, out of respect for the needs of other tenants, it is good not to waste time in the bathrooms 🙏. Perhaps when you scroll the internet or admire your reflection in the mirror, your room-mate is in the “marmot phase” 💩.
  • Make sure the sliding doors from the living room to the patio are closed 👹 if everyone is leaving.
  • Be careful of self-locking entrance doors. Do not leave the key in the lock on the outside, and the key in the lock on the inside 👉 you may not get into the house 😰 👉 calling a locksmith …
  • Before leaving the room, please arrange the furniture as it was before and leave bed linen and towels on your bed.
  • In order to maintain prices in times of energy crisis, please turn off unused lights and disconnect unused electrical devices 🙏🙏🙏.
  • Please respect the curfew hours as much as possible.
  • If you plan to invite a guest overnight, please contact us if it is possible.
  • Important!!! Please hide the cushions from the patio into the living room and close the windows when rain is announced!

The house has only been in operation since February 2022 and we are constantly working on improving it. Comments and suggestions are welcome!

At the Atmosphere training base nearby, we can provide a solid, home-made breakfast (8 €) 🥖🥓🍳☕️ 🍊 and dinner (20 €) 🥘🍖🥗🍝🥩🥂, if you have no other idea for food. Please let us know if you to eat something tasty by about 2 p.m. on a given day.

WhatsApp to us:

  • Ula 0034 638919628
  • Iwan 0034 608073585
  • Tomek 0034 611601100

Emergency contacts, in case of no contact with us:

  • 112 nationwide – in major European languages
  • Police: 092
  • Guardia Civil: 062
  • Ambulance: 061
  • Fire Department: 080

Thank you and have a nice stay!

Blue Sky!

Skydive Atmosfera Team