AFF Course Smashed

So big congrats to our October AFF course students and welcome to the sky! Now licence progression waits ahead of you. As well as the need of your own skydiving gear. By the way we know just a perfect place 😉 – perfect place to start looking at various options. Remember with us, best quality-price deal, knowledge and respect for your money.

Hoola Hop Fun Skydives

Let´s not be so serious! Skydiving progression should and must be fun too! Even if you have already your licence and tens or hundreds of jumps, sometimes point into the hoola-hop is easier said than done!

Tandem as a gift? Why not!

19-years old Mie jumped in a tandem with her brother and friends. We all couldn´t enjoy more her spontaneous reactions and good vibes. Here you have the video edit:

With mild winds and blue skies we enjoy quite a dry October. Which not so good for the planet especially in our region of Andalusia, which suffers from dry period for months this year and we already have some water supply restrictions. But at least skydivers are happy!

We are having a small break in courses now, so please RAIN, RAIN, RAIN. And then heading for further jumps soon and the big event XMass Boogie with a lot of progress, organised groups and of course FUN! Not to forget about safety, this is where we do are serious, no exceptions!

Come skydive with us in the sunny Spain!

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