So far a bit shy, but skydivers must be brave, so keeping fingers crossed for no more restrictions, we publish the 2022 AFF Course dates.

These dates are for the beginning of the year, for February and March only. As you know, there are 2, maximum 3 candidates for each course edition. As the bookings will proceed, we will add more dates. Should you be interested in your own date, please get in touch with us. As long as the final date is not confirmed still small changes are possible. AFF course is a very individual training. And especially in Skydive Atmosfera we insist of offering you the most individual approach. Therefore we look forward to hearing from the candidates, what your holiday plans are. We will adjust our courses dates according to your needs.

2022 AFF Course dates


As long of course, as the given course is already fixed and confirmed. What means that at least one candidate already booked his flight tickets.

2022 AFF Course dates

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AFF skydiving course (Accelerated Free Fall) is the fastest and safest way to become a skydiver. The amazing feeling of freedom, the feeling of space and free fall are impossible be be described from the ground. The emotions and adrenaline accompanying the parachute course can be even addictive. And the possibility of flying with other jumpers after the end of the course gives a lot of joy and satisfaction. The AFF parachute course is also a great idea for an original vacations and a break from everyday reality.

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