FSC course The FSC course for the USPA (Formation Skydive Course) license is an extremely important step towards safe jumping with other skydivers. The first joyful, solo jumps after AFF quickly start to get boring. Relationships made at the dropzone start to tempt you to have fun also in the air. However, without proper knowledge and skills, you can be exposed to serious problems.

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The FSC course for the USPA AIB license is the knowledge, exercises during free fall and equally important training in canopy piloting. FSC is also about packing your main parachute and water training, compulsory for the B license. In the sunny Spain we can conduct water trainin on the daily basis all year round.
The FSC training result is obtaining an A and B USPA license and gaining the desired independence. Without the need for control jumps and the associated fees in various other zones.
After completing the basic AFF training, the young student has no idea how much else can (or must) be learned.

The FSC course for the USPA license, like the AFF, is personalized throughout the year.

The FSC course, also like the AFF, is divided into levels. Passing them allows you to move on to the next exercise. The difference between basic training and FSC, however, is that the jumper has enoughtime for any number of independent jumps between each level, as he/she desires. Thanks to this formula, everyone can divide the training into a number of jumps according to their needs. We estimate that one needs 10-15 jumps to complete succesfully the 5 FSC levels. For those who have more time, the course can be extended for more time, so that the individual exercises can be perfectly developed. Each level of training is about practising the technique of the plane exit, improving the free fall skills and training canopy flying. .

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