The FSC packages and prices

Before going to FSC prices, please accept our congratulations of finishing your AFF course! Now it is time to progress toward your licence and full independence. If you want to get rid of the “student” status on your dropzone and want to jump safely all around the world, here we are for you.

If you have read the above information about the FSC outline, here you will find the useful information about the cost, prices, what is included and what is not. Should you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why is it worth planning a parachute trip in Spain?

There is a lot of reasons! The season lasts almost the whole year, the drop zone is operating 7 days a week, the height of 15000 ft each jump and several days for a trip to Spain are the perfect basis for FSC course . Skills that allow you to play together with jumpers at different levels (and not only with instructors). Also to pack your parachute. USPA parachute license and a large amount of knowledge are the result of a well-thought-out prepared programme. The sooner you get through a difficult start, the faster you will be able to jump with other skydivers. It applies to worse weather conditions too. The progress of your skydiving education are therefore important not only in terms of safety. Also it quickly eliminate the inconvenience of being a novice.

We cordially invite you to a visit our Polish base in Spain. In addition to jumping in the best weather in Europe, you will have some time off and recharge your batteries, tasting Mediterranean cuisine and sun-drenched Spanish wines.

Apart from the delicious cuisine and full of adrenaline skydives, there is a lot more to do in the beautiful surroundings of beautiful Seville.

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