Skydiving activities

You go skydiving! Great! Now what?

Dropzone and operating aircraft for your skydiving activities apart, you need some more to make your holidays a big success. Especially if you go alone or with your friend, please check out this article. Close to DZ, close to the City Center Here at Skydive Atmosfera you have a perfect solutions for your skydiving activities trip do Spain. Breakfast according to your needs First we offer you nice acommodation at Hacjenda Atmosfera, the closest place to Read more…

skydiving gift voucher 200

Gift vouchers SUMMER SALE!

Gift voucher on summer SALE! Summertime it is usually a great time for all kind of weddings, honeymoons, anniversaries and other celebrations. Should at least one of the main characters be a skydiver, our GIFT VOUCHER is an interesting option! Whether for any kind of a skydiving course, gear rental, Crazy4Skydive Shopping or stay at the very nice and comfortable Hacjenda Atmosfera, let the interested person decide. And of course he/she will be eternally greatefull Read more…

skydiving activities

Autumn-Winter Skydiving in Spain

Autumn-Winter Skydiving in Spain – activity dates Ole Ole! Here we go with autumn-winter skydiving at Skydive Atmosfera. Check it out! Within these dates we jump and organize skydiving courses every day: Atmosfera Camp Autumn  8.09 – 27.10.2018 Atmosfera Camp Winter 17.11.018 – 4.01.2019The second period includes Xmass Boogie, a big event at our Dropzone. Attention! during Xmass Boogie time we don’t do AFF skydive course trainings. Formation Skydive FS training and jumps as well Read more…

Kurs AFF w Hiszpanii

All you need to know about AFF course

AFF Course in Spain Whether you’ve never been skydiving before or you’ve just done a couple of tandem jumps and are now itching to qualify as a solo skydiver, then our AFF course (Accelerated Free Fall) is made for you. In a very few days, our skydiving course in Spain will take you, step-by-step. From absolute beginner to qualified solo skydiver. AFF skydiving courses in Spain are conducted on a daily basis.  Learn more about the Read more…

Meet Ian Cashman, AFF Instructor (and his babe):

AFF Instructor Ian Cashman Since some time already we are very happy to welcome Mr Ian Cashman to our Atmosfera team . Ian is a BPA advanced instructor & ex examiner, AFF instructor, FS & CF coach. Lot of experience and an outstanding personal approach to our students make them love him in spite of his terrible Polish ;). But we can assure you that his English language is impeccable! Achievements 9,000+ jumps & 130+ total hours in Read more…


AFF course – the sky which makes your new playground The AFF course is the fastest and safest way of becoming an independent skydiver. The incredible feeling of freedom, the freefall and the sensations that comes with it are hard to describe from earth. The amount of emotions and the adrenaline that comes with the AFF course can be addictive and the possibility of flying with others, creating formations in the sky provides incredible happiness Read more…

Personalizowany AFF w słonecznej Hiszpanii - co potrzeba więcej?

All you need to know about AFF Intro

AFF Intro – what for? In this article we will explain what AFF Intro is and what is the difference between AFF Intro, a tandem jump and the entire skydiving course. You may be interested in skydiving, but you don’t know what to start from. You might already jumped in a tandem with other instructor on your back. Perhaps you didn’t like the idea that someone else has steering toggles. Or on the contrary, you Read more…

Wyjazdy spadochronowe

More than just skydiving school

Atmosfera is far more than a skydiving school. Since years we keep organizing jumps and courses in Spain. Spain was always our number one. We checked all most important dropzones, from north do south. Empuria Brava, Castellon, Ocaña, Lillo, Murcia y Seville, which at the end was our choice to set up the Baza Skydive Atmosfera for good. Here some of your members and fans can rememorize a great trip to Castellon/Valencia in the winter Read more…

Ula Ursula Kucharczyk

Rezerwacje i Planowanie

Hiszpańskie słońce i palmy, Atlantyk, flamenco, oliwki, czerwone wino i skoki spadochronowe to najlepsze połączenie na zapewnienie optymizmu i energii na całe życie. Ale dla mnie najważniejsi są nasi Goście!

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