AFF skydiving course in Spain in November? Already 5 graduates!

The AFF skydiving course is now in progress! The AFF skydiving course is by far the best and safest way to be introduced into the world of freefall. In this course you will learn not only how to control and fly your parachute, but you will also learn how to control your body in freefall. Currently two AFF skydiving course students are being trained on the daily basis. Kate and Peter are doing quite well Read more…

Christmas Gift Idea – a tandem skydive!

Christmas gift idea that will make really happy Skydives are an exciting and unusual gift and make for an ideal presents to give at Christmas. We have something for everyone, but our tandem sky diving courses are great for the complete beginner as you will be securely harnessed to one of our experienced parachute instructors. Should you look for a christmas gift idea, here we have the best ones. When you buy a gift voucher Read more…

AFF course accomplished! Let’s go skydive Spain

Why to go skydive Spain? Another bunch of happy graduates left our Skydive Spain Atmosfera Base with their AFF course certificates. Lukas, Rafa, Muzzie and Alex: congratulations and welcome to skydiving world. We are very proud of our talented students, who can complete the full AFF course in less than 7 skydives! November rocks! We still enjoy continental summer temperatures and blue skies. And remember, we jump from 15000 feet every load, which means one minute Read more…

Two new graduates from AFF course in Spain

Last AFF course in Spain was completed in 6 jumps by Alek and Daniel Congratulations to the new skydivers! AFF course in Spain is the best choice if you consider a skydiving course. Alek and Daniel arrived for one week only, and despite one windy day, completed their AFF course in Spain in 6 jumps only! The next skydiving course is scheduled for 24th of October. So far we are very happy with perfect weather, Read more…

New AFF skydiving course graduate

Here is Jacek, our latest aff skydiving course graduate with his instructor Iwan Jacek completed his aff skydiving course in 6 jumps only in 2 days. Congratulations! We wish you a lot of safe jumps and come back to us soon! AFF skydiving course  is the fastest and safest way to get the skydiver’s rating.  We organise aff courses on daily basis, just get in touch to schedule your trip:    

Ula Ursula Kucharczyk

Rezerwacje i Planowanie

Hiszpańskie słońce i palmy, Atlantyk, flamenco, oliwki, czerwone wino i skoki spadochronowe to najlepsze połączenie na zapewnienie optymizmu i energii na całe życie. Ale dla mnie najważniejsi są nasi Goście!

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