the best of skydive photos

Whether you are a skydiver or not, an AFF student or experienced, or just friend, tourist or accompanying person – there is something to do here! Take a look and feel the atmosphere of fun, relax, good food, good vibes, positive and safe skydives in #clubatmosfera in Seville, Spain.The Best Of skydive photos are catalogued by years.

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The Best Of skydive photos. Here you can find the most emocional moments of ours AFF courses, skydives, common suppers, late evening talks, trips to Seville and surroundings…. the best moments for our club members! Meeting new friends, even finding love!

We are honoured to enjoy the trust and confidence from the part our society of skydivers and fans. Which makes us work even harder to develop our Atmosfera project!

You are welcome to the sunny Spain all year round!

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