aff course

AFF course in September in progress!

aff course

September in Spain is a very good time for your AFF course!

aff courseOur new students know it very well. Rafal from Germany has finished his AFF course in 5 jumps only! This is possible! Malwina did it in 7 jumps and Teo is about to graduate too! We had also a  pleasure to show the skydiving sport  to Tom, on his trip across Spain by motorbike, and invite him on a AFF INTRO jump. He enjoyed it a lot and promised to come back for the entire aff course.

We are happy to provide training in English, Spanish and Polish language, so spread the news and book your holidays! The best weather in Europe allows us to jump virtually everyday and from the highest altitude of 15000 ft. Your aff course cannot be planned in better environment. Also, should you wish to go for your BPA licence, we have British instructors onsite who will be delighted to help you go through your way to your first skydiving licence.

Take a look at some photos from skydiving this week. We have pleasant temperatures around 30 deg C and mild winds, just perfect weather conditions for beginners. And also… the water temperature in our swimming pool is very inviting… ;). Book your aff course here. (więcej…)

Atmosfera Skydive Spain – learn to skydive!

skydive spain aff courseAtmosfera Skydive Spain – place to do your AFF course

If you want to learn to skydive here is the place, Atmosfera Skydive Spain Dropzone, best weather in Europe and coaching in your language, English or POLISH with Polish instructors.

Some people don’t know that there is an Skydiving Club operating all year round in southern Spain, Seville, where they can speak English and Polish language. This is a very good news for Poles in Europe. Whether you already jumped in a tandem or are considering starting this sport,  Atmosfera Skydive Spain is the place for you. (więcej…)

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