Learning to fly your canopy. Category E for licence USPA

Practice your skills under canopy! Be safe!


To be safe for yourself and for the rest of skydivers in the air we have to practice canopy skills each jump. In fact, buying the ticket means we’ve invested some money. So it’s just silly not to use this jump properly. Instead of useless spirals (they say funny, in my opinion stupid) to be faster on the groun we can go to the holding area and spend some time learning how our canopy is working. USPA with the SIM, wich is huge store of knowledge, can provide many helpful hints. Each kategory before licence A has the part describing exercices under canopy. So, why not to use this? If you’ve already paid? If you are in the air? Let’s go 😉 (więcej…)

USPA canopy piloting skills – turns and flare – the movie

USPAA ram-air canopy is an inflatable wing that performs like the wing of an airplane. Once it is open and inflated, the canopy start gliding forward and down through the air.

With both toggles all the way up, the canopy should glide straight ahead af full speed. The canopy turns right when you pull the right toggle. The canopy will turn as long as one toggle is held down and stops turning whet it is let up. (więcej…)

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