Sunny November best for aff course, not Movember ;)

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AFF course in sunny Spain

We welcome start of warm and sunny autumn time in Spain. Piotr just finished his AFF course in 5 jumps only. Well… tunnel training preparation combined with stable psychics and doing what instructor says, gives suprisingly good results. Perfect arch from the very first jump! Before we graduated from AFF Michael, an orchestra musician from Hannover, now we move onto FS course with Kamil.

It hasn’t rained for over a month now, we actually wouldn’t mind a day off jumping free watering  in the club’s garden ;). You can see on some photos the surrounding of our skydiving club, where after the jumps you can enjoy the sunshine and relax in nice and quiet environment.

Enjoy your aff course in the sunny Spain! We jump from 15000 ft every load!

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