Skydiving licence? Easy in a few days time!

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Finished AFF and ready for your skydiving licence?

skydiving licence

In Spain we continuously train AFF course graduates to achieve their USPA skydiving licence. Whereever you come from, here in our skydiving base in southern Spain you will find all the facilities to make your progress. Skydiving licence requirements are easy to meet in Spanish sunny environment all year round. Here skydivers find daily operating dropzone centre with 2-turbine powered aircrafts to 15000 ft as well as qualified  instructors with immense experience dedicating their full time to a student. We have equipment, gears, a professional rigger and more than nice guesthouse to ensure your relax after jumps.

Water training for B skydiving licence is also much more pleasant in our swimming pool all year round ;). Yes, we agree…. in winter water is quite realistic!



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