You go skydiving! Great! Now what?

Dropzone and operating aircraft for your skydiving activity apart, you need some more to make your holidays a big success. Especially if you go alone or with your friend, please check out this article.

Close to DZ, close to the City Center

Here at Skydive Atmosfera you have a perfect solutions for your skydiving activity trip do Spain.

Breakfast according to your needs

skydiving activities

First we offer you nice acommodation at Hacjenda Atmosfera, the closest place to the Dropzone, only for skydivers and friends (club members only). Here you have all you need to complete your skydiving activities. Starting from a nice Polish cuisine breakfast (big and tasty!) at the hour you decide. After jumps you can eat out at the DZ bar, in town, make something yourself as you have access to kitchen and all its equipment or try some of our home-made tuppers from the fridge.

Comfortable facilities

For a day off or your partner, there is a lot of space to chill out when others are on the DZ. You have a private swimming pool, sauna, large living room, patio etc… You don´t have to spend all they in your bedroom or sightseeing Seville ;)))

Skydiving activities

skydiving activitiesHere we have also our office, sewing machines, washing mashines, rigging aera. This means you can print out your boarding pass or anything you would need, use WIFI to check out your business. Should your jumpsuit need repairment or a new fancy patch, here you can use all facilities. Your residents will help out with the language issue as well.

Rigger and skydiving instructors available

Also you have a master rigger on site in case you had a cut-away, your gear will be ready in a few hours (of course if you didn´t loose any parts of it ;). Staying with skydiving instructors could also be quite  a benefit, as here we organize ground schools, skydiving activity video debriefing and often interesting discussions. And you would be suprised, not only about skydiving ;).

Gear and equipment rental

Skydiving activitiesWe provide wide range of parachutes and containers, altimeters, accessories and jumpsuits to rent. You can also buy some stuff for you on site. We can make measurements and advise you on colours and details.

Packing course and discussion panels

Whenever the guests feel like it or the weather is perhaps less appealling to skydiving activity (what can happen in winter although still we enjoy the best weather in Europe), we organize packing courses, licence progressive panels with presentations and discussions. You keep learning even when you don´t realize it ;))).

Perfect place for your girlfriend or boyfriend 😉

skydiving activity

We have nice rooms with A/C and bathrooms so you can bring your non-skydiving girlfriend. She won´t be bored and won´t be forced to follow you everyday to the DZ. A bus stop at the entrance of our “urbanización”, 20 minutes bus ride to the City Centre of Seville is a nice option when tired of lazying around the swimming pool and sunbathing. And you are only another 30 minutes away in a car from the Atlantic Ocean. So you can spend a romantic day on the beach, even after a few skydives in the morning. The DZ is ⅓ rd way to the Ocean.

skydiving activities

Skydiving activity and #afterjumps –  just plan it with us :).

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