Tandem jump – video of Paulina

Paulina’s Tandem Jump video

This is a tandem jump video of Paulina. Her boyfriend was just into his AFF course. Paulina meanwhile decided to try this tandem adventure out! She went for the DVD and photos option as a proof to her work friends she actually achieved it. Her tandem pilot’s name is Jacobo from Spain. We can count on tandem instructors speaking English, Spanish, Polish, German and French! So no worries, you will feel safe and comfortable in your language.

tandem jump video


Agnes · 21-09-2013 at 17:12

Great video! I have to go for one too 🙂

Simon · 21-09-2013 at 17:13

Oh yeeah!!! Thanks for great tandem jump with Iwan as tandem instructor. I was so nervous and he helped me out with everything. Also – thax to Ula for handling my million e-mails and phone calls. You guys are great!

Darthvin · 21-09-2013 at 17:14

I like the movie, please upload some more. Some movies from AFF courses would be nice too. Greetings from Norway.

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