Tandem jump – without a course

aff course kurs aff atmosfera

What is a tandem jump?


If you are looking at discovering the fascination of freefall without having any previous experience, the tandem skydive is a great choice for you. Tandem jump is designed to allow you to experience freefall skydiving without the complication of doing an whole course beforehand. After only 15 minutes of instruction you will be ready to do a parachute jump with your tandem instructor. You will experience terminal velocity at around 130 mph on your first jump for up to a minute! This can only be achieved from 15.000 feet.

  • No lengthy ground training before the jump.
  • Strapped to a highly and experienced qualified tandem instructor.
  • 1 full minute in freefall.
  • Option to purchase the DVD and Photo package.

Compared to other beginner skydiving courses, you have the key advantage of discovering the experience in less time . The instructor himself has more than thousands of jumps and will guide you through this skydive. During your tandem jump you can look around the beautiful scenery, smile at the video camera and enjoy the thrill of a lifetime. A tandem skydiving jump will stick with your best memories forever.

Contact us to book your tandem skydive and remember, you will only get a full minute of freefall juming at least from 15.000 feet!!




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