Skydive Spain Terms&Conditions

skydive spain terms&conditions

Skydive Spain Terms and Conditions

All skydivers

1. Even recognising all the extreme security measures taken by Skydive Spain, you must be fully aware of, and fully accept, the risks and dangers inherent in the extreme sport activity of skydiving/parachuting.

2. You must accept the scope, nature and extent of the inevitable risks that is involved with practicing skydiving.  Therefore, you accept all types of damages and injuries including death.

3. You will not make Skydive Spain responsible for any loss or theft of your personal belongings.  You understand that if any of the above will occur you will not receive any reimbursement of any kind not in money or goods and that the responsibility for your belongings is solely your own.

4. All the equipment used to practice skydiving is in perfect conditions of use and properly maintained. Furthermore, that they are responsible for the condition of  personal equipment and that the personal equipment even being suitabley maintained and revised periodically can suffer malfunctions being exposed to extreme conditions. It is mandatory for all skydivers to have a working AAD fitted on their rigs.

5. You are bound in all respects by the Company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association and will comply with its Safety Regulations, and all the Rules and Regulations of the owners or occupiers of the land, airfield and premises used by Skydive Spain.  You further agree to obey all relevant instructions given to me by Skydive Spain, its servants or agents.

6. You will notify Skydive Spain within the first 24 hours of any incident that will involve third parties that has been as a result from the skydiving activity practiced by yourself.

7. Payment methods are as follows: Cash (€uros), Credit/Debit card with a 3% admin fee, Bank Transfer (for deposits only). We do not accept personal cheques, travellers cheques or American Express.

8. All deposits paid are non-refundable for any reason.  The remaining payment for the course or jump must be paid prior to starting the course or briefing.  Once you have started the course training or briefing no refunds can be made, either in full or in part, for whatever reason the jump or course cannot be completed.

9. Skydive Spain cannot accept any responsibility for changing or postponing operating days, even at very short notice, however we will transfer your booking to an alternative date at no charge in such a case.

10. As a member of Club Deportivo Paracaidismo Skydive Spain all actual jumps (skydives) including AFF, Tandem, RAPS, student and experienced skydives are free of charge.  All payments are for the use of the airfield facilities, training and kit hire etc.  Except for 2 Euros that will be taken from my first payment as membership to the club.


12. No dogs are permitted on the airfield.

All students; AFF/Staticline and Tandem Skydiving

  • The final decision on your suitability to skydive rests entirely with the centre and instructors and you must comply with the centre’s rules at all times.
  • Tandem instructors are properly licenced and that this licence includes Third Party Liability insurance which covers him/her and his/hers passenger in the case of negligence.  In the case of any injury that would require medical attention the Tandem passenger would cover the costs until responsibility is established.  In the case the tandem passenger wants additional coverage they may become a member of Federación Andaluza de Deportes Aéreos for an additional cost.
  • Solo students must accept that all the equipment used to practice skydiving is in perfect conditions of use and properly maintained. Furthermore, that they are responsible for the condition of  personal equipment and that the personal equipment even being suitabley maintained and revised periodically can suffer malfunctions being exposed to extreme conditions.
  • Solo students are bound to declare the necessary documents before making skydiving activty at Skydive Spain showing sufficient insurance to cover any medical costs or similar and the mandatory Third Party Liability cover.  EU members are reminded that European Health Insurance Card may not cover all medical costs and does not cover any long term medical or repatriation costs.  You accept that if there is any doubt over coverage from an insurance policy in any respect the Skydive Centre will require me to take out FEADA cover.
  • For AFF students please note that any REPEAT LEVELS must be paid for in addition to the full course fee.
  • Although the maximum weight limits for all courses is 95kg, your height must also be in proportion to weight. Your suitability to skydive will be assessed based on the heights and weights provided at the time of booking. If incorrect information is given when booking the jump or course, you run the risk of forfeiting your skydive along with all costs incurred.
  • If you fail to turn up on the day without giving at least 72hrs notice you may forfeit your skydive and be invoiced for the full cost of your skydive.
  • Any courses taken with promotional prices must be fully completed to keep the discounted price. If the course is not completed, all jumps will be charged at the normal (higher) costs.
  • If bad weather prevents you from jumping a new date can be arranged to mutual convenience.  No refunds are offered for not jumping due to bad weather.
  • If you arrive without the necessary paperwork, for example a Skydive Spain medical form, you may forfeit your skydive along with all costs incurred.
  • Gift vouchers must be paid in full when booking and are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. Should you wish to extend the gift certificate there is a 50 € charge for a 3 month extension. Only one extension is permitted per gift certificate. All gift certificates are non transferable and non refundable.
  • Any charity jumps and funds raised should be with express permission from the chosen charity.
  • Be sure to read your confirmation letter in full, remember your arrival time is not your time of jumping. Skydive Spain does have some busy days when there may be a wait of 4-6 hours, please ensure you have sufficient time for your experience. For this reason we do not recommend bringing young children or elderly people to wait with you.
  • We can not guarantee the number of tandem customers jumping on each flight, there are too many variables which dictate the order which customers jump and number of customers on any one flight.  For this reson you should be prepared that you may be on a flight with no other tandem customer.
  • If you have asked for equipment hire and/or video or photographs of my jump(s), be sure to read and accept the terms and conditions displayed in/given by the office.

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