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skydive spain aff courseAtmosfera Skydive Spain – place to do your AFF course

If you want to learn to skydive here is the place, Atmosfera Skydive Spain Dropzone, best weather in Europe and coaching in your language, English or POLISH with Polish instructors.

Some people don’t know that there is an Skydiving Club operating all year round in southern Spain, Seville, where they can speak English and Polish language. This is a very good news for Poles in Europe. Whether you already jumped in a tandem or are considering starting this sport,  Atmosfera Skydive Spain is the place for you.

AFF courses are conducted on daily basis.

What is AFF skydiving course?

AFF is an accelerated method of skydiving instruction which has been developed in the USA to enable people to take full advantage of one to one training and learning during freefall. Accelerated Freefall courses are one of most popular programs here in Atmosfera Skydive Spain, a great way to learn how to skydive.

As an AFF student you make your first jump on latest state of art, purpose built equipment with a rectangular parachute. Your first jump will be a freefall descent from 15,000 ft with two AFF instructors jumping with you and maintaining grips on your body and parachute harness. These two AFF instructors assist with stability and provide in-air teaching information. Prior to each and every jump the student receives extensive and thorough training, covering both the freefall learning objectives and the operation of the equipment used in the program. Successful students graduate to having only one AFF instructor accompanying them by Level 4. The  instructor in freefall will provide instructional input and subsequently critique the performance. Students normally graduate from the AFF program on or around their seventh jump.

At Atmosfera Skydive Spain you can learn to skydive in as only as 2 days.

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