Skydiving Centre and its Facilites

Get to know our skydiving centre:

skydiving centre spain

Our main hangar very busy during funshine boogie


 Skydiving Centre in Spain has many classrooms and debriefing areas all with TVs and access to DVD recorders.  The first floor classrooms are equipped with A/C and/or fans for the summer temperatures.

Kit Store:

Secure kit store for all centre equipment; tandem rigs, student rigs, hire rigs.  Our skydiving centre has hire rigs available for 20 € per jump, including the pack job, starting at 300 sq ft down to 170 sq ft.  Should require to hire an altimeter you will be charged 5 € per day for hire and you must leave some ID.


There is a huge padded packing area in the main hangar of the skydiving centre in Spain, and more space in the second hanger when required.  We have a small team of packers available to offer you the bliss of not packing, for only 5,50 € a pack job.  All pack jobs are to be bought in the DZ office.

Flat Screen TVs:

We have two large flat screen TVs ideal for watching your previous jump with friends or debriefing a student.  The screens are set up with all the camera leads for ease of use.


Our shop is stocked with the basic skydiving equipment and also T-shirts, fleeces and other fashions to take home.


We offer a multi language Office and Manifest crew as well as a computer based ticketing system. There are visible departure viewer monitors in the hangar and bar for everybody to check their load minutes.

WIFI Internet:

We offer a free WIFI Internet connection for our skydivers and visitors to make your stay even more comfortable and convenient.

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