skydiving centre seville The best skydive centre Seville in southern Spain

Our Skydive centre Seville  in Spain has many facilities to support the skydive operation and to give you the best experience, whether on holiday fun skydive jumping, here to take an AFF course, experience a Tandem Skydive, participate in Team Training or take part in one of our events.  We are located at private Aerodromo La Juliana southwest from Seville.

skydiving centre seville spain

  • Large landing area
  • Turbine aircrafts
  • Highest altitude in Europe – 15,000ft!
  • Best weather for skydive in Europe all year round
  • Near several international airports
  • Large Packing room (carpet)
  • On-site Rigger (BPA and FAA certified)
  • Debriefing rooms with camera docks
  • Large flat-screen TV for debriefs
  • Café – Cloud 9
  • Creepers, Mock-up area, shop, free WIFI Internet connection
Come and enjoy an international  recognized skydive centre in south of Spain!
Skydive Centre
skydive centre seville spain
See where we are. Contact us for detailed hoy-to-get-there pdf.


Darthvin · 21-09-2013 at 17:18

Skydive centre is very nice, although the free wifi on the DZ is not working very well. It’s better to go to the bar and use Danny’s wifi for clients. It works very well and you can even work on your laptop between loada ;)))

Maniek · 21-09-2013 at 17:19

Zdecydowanie najlepsza strefa w południowej Hiszpanii. Może dojazd trochę dłuższy, ale bardzo się opłaca. Skoki z 4600-4700!!!! Skydive Atmosfera to super ludzie, którzy zawsze służa pomocą, a Miłosz świetnie układa spadochrony. Gorąco polecam.

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