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Your skydiving jumpsuit doesn’t have to be expensive!

We all know that skydiving is not the cheapest sport, but we chose it and not chess playing for some reason. Nevertheless don’t get desperate! Here at Atmosfera C4S Shop we help you to manage your budget according to your needs up to the moment. Avoiding discussions with your partner/parents/sponsor etc 😉 Skydiving jumpsuit is one of the questions for a beginner skydiver!

First expenses

Well… after finishing your AFF Course you probably were overwhelmed with joy and satisfaction. Also a bit short on money 😉 as the course itself is an significant expense. First happines gone by, you face the need to buy your first equipment, such as altimeter, googles (if you didn’t get yours free, as all our Skydive Atmosfera students do 😀 ), helmet and skydiving jumpsuit.

We do not recommend buying the complete skydiving gear before you acquire certain experience and number of jumps. We will explain it later.

Here you can easily buy your first altimeter, which is your first need if you don’t want to miss a skydive with your friends due to the lack of your alti.

Skydiving jumpsuit – fly like a …. beginner ;-), but look like a PRO

What to wear for a skydive is an important issue and could be crucial. Don’t underestimate the outfit in this extreme sport of skydiving. It is not only a jumpsuit, it’s your tool. Your way to success – or not – in the skydive jump. Get in touch with us, so we can advise you on this matter according to our theme: Don’t trust a dealer, trust the instructor. We often find out that dealers who are not instructors, don’t really much care about your final outcome and rather concentrate on more expensive options and fabrics so they can make a bigger commission. The instructor on the contrary, bearing in mind your experience and free fall conditions as well as your ideas of what to do up there, will offer you best choice of what is really, really needed and what is just a gadget. Of course, you have to understand that some funny gadgets may not be recommended for beginners and intermediate. As what concerns also other stuff, like rigs, canopies and of course other sports.

After collaboration with many skydiving jumpsuits manufacturers, we created our own brand, Atmosferon jumpsuit. The idea was to combine reasonable quality with low price. First landings, first offlandings, first emotions, challenging wind tunnel obstacles – all toghether summed up says: don’t spend more than necessary!

Atmosferon skydiving jumpsuit is the choice!

This universal jumpsuit Atmosferon is designed basing on our experience with AFF students and beginners as well as with profesional manufacturers. It includes:

  • Basic fabrics, which will never let you down, such as TASLAAN, CORDURA, POLYCOTTON and SPANDEX in as many colours as you like.
  • Basic indispensable options, such as flat grips to learn docking, double side zipper with protection, multispeed zippers for heavier people, lot of spandex in most important parts, internal pocket etc.
  • Individual fancy embroidery at no extra cost or a very affordable one (according to your design)
  • Individual possible printing to make your jumpsuit unique!
  • 3 verified in the air, standard models to choose: CLASSIK, ARROW and FUN. All flying around on many dropzones
  • Many models ON STOCK to buy immediately!
  • and most important:

Reasonable price

Which rounds between 160 and 220 euros + shippment to your door. Now what?! You will not find a new skydiving jumpsuit with our quality below this price, will you? Just choose your model, click and buy, paying only a non-refundable deposit of 25 euros and we will attend you with all the rest. We will guide you through measurements or measure you, make together your design, according to your taste, choose options right for you and agree final price. Piece of cake!

3 recommended models to choose


Atmosferon Classic

skydiving jumpsuit

This skydiving jumpsuit is the first choice for our AFF students. Probably because they jump their AFF jumps in it ;)! They even sometimes take home the one they jumped in, as a sign of affection ;). Anyway see below the design, some colour ideas, and some photos below. Get in touch with us regarding details.

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Above you can see Marek and Diana, who bought their jumpsuits for the AFF course and actually jump the whole course in it 🙂