Pro BASE course & FJC

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Pro BASE Course

pro BASE & FJC Atmosfera

Pro BASE (Pre First Jump Course preparation) course includes:

  • introduction to BASE rig construction details
  • training of packing BASE canopy (at first configured with skydiving rig then with BASE rig)
  • 10 hop’n’pop jumps from 5500ft (1500m) with BASE canopy attached to skydiving rig (that includes knowing fly characteristics of your canopy, accuracy landing, off-landing training, procedures for off-direction opening) (jump tickets not included).
  • training for safe exit
  • one filmed jump to check correct position on exit and opening (includes instructor’s jump ticket )

Price 650 Euro

Rig rental (unpacked) for each jump – 20 Euro

for residents of Atmosfera guest house is priced according to current price list.

First Jump Course (after completed Pro BASE)
(preparation for 3 BASE jumps from 87 meters bridge)
Price 250 Euro

FJC includes:

  • 3 rig rentals,
  • supervised packing of rig,
  • assisted first jump.

After FJC rig rental (unpacked) – 20 Euro.

Shared cost for number of participants. Bridge 87m high is located approx. 220 km drive from Atmosfera guest house.
Second option is a 105m bridge in Portugal. Cost would be shared based upon one way 7 hours drive and preferably one night accommodation in Portugal allowing more jumps from this bridge.

Are you interested in? Think twice and then book your BASE course


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