Hot-air Balloon Jump

Hot-air Balloon Jump is a real fun for the skydivers. The experience of the majestic flight in a rising sun is absolutely awesome! In the total silence, where you can hear only the whistling of the flames from the burners. A great attraction for skydivers accustomed to the roar of airplane turbines.

Hot-air Balloon Jump

Fly as a passenger

On the other hand a balloon ride is a very exciting alternative if you like to watch skydiving, but don’t plan to skydive. You may be a skydiving fan, AFF student or just don’t have enough experience yet. Actually is highly recommended to join skydivers on a hot-air balloon ride without a jump just to see how it goes.

For more experienced skydivers, however, a hot-air balloon jump is a fantastic experience, that must be done at least once!

Skydive Atmosfera organises hot air balloon rides and jumps at least once a month. We collaborate with the only one company authorised in Andalucía by AESA: Green Aeroestación. It is a company with a massive experience of over 3,000 balloon flights around the world.

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Hot-Air Balloon Jump – Safety First!

One of the great advantages of doing this type of jump is being able to do it with someone who knows the area and the weather perfectly. We almost always fly through the same area, so we know it perfectly. In the same way, we know very well the conditions that occur on each of the flights and we make sure that we have the ideal time to carry out this type of adventure in the safest possible way.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, one of the things that most attracts about this experience is being able to enjoy the flight in silence with the peace and tranquility of a balloon flight. The fact of doing the jump from a basket is something new, adds that extra touch of adrenaline that everything new has.

As you already know, safety and professionalism are our pillars of success and well-deserved worldwide recognition.

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Getting ready

Firstly, for the scheduled dates we request all permits, insurance and authorizations. Before getting on board, we study the weather conditions in detail, as well the take-off point and possible landings areas, wind speed and the height of the exit. Then we meet at the take-off point, where the crew begins to prepare the balloon for the flight. All the technical details of our peculiar “vehicle” are checked, a probe balloon is launched. When we confirm that everything is fine, we begin to inflate the balloon with hot air. Meanwhile the skydivers and passengers receive instructions from our professional skydiving instructor.

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We take off!

Once the balloon is inflated, we can climb into the basket, according to the order of our jump master and… we take off!

Sometimes it is surprising that there are no sudden or unpleasant movements. The basket is extremely stable. Nature takes the trouble to parade under our feet;) (Dr. Ferguson in Jules Verne’s “Five Weeks in a Balloon).

The feeling of vertigo disappears as there is no connection with the ground and it is the wind that takes command in our course. With height, different air currents normally appear with which we play as we please. We will fly over enclaves such as the Green Corridor of the Guadiamar River, in the Aljarafe Sevillano. Also in the surroundings of the Doñana Natural Park (in the province of Seville).

The duration of the flight is 40 to 60 minutes. What can vary if the weather conditions change in flight. The duration depends on the landing zone that suits us best. The altitude is 1200-1800 m (QNH above sea level).

The balloon moves at the speed and in the direction of the wind. No two flights are ever the same, since the weather or the winds change from one day to the next. Therefore, no matter how many times you want to do this adventure of flight or balloon jump . Each time it will seem new and will leave you wanting more!

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Ready to jump!

Surely the most exciting moment of the adventure is the balloon jump. And both for the passengers and for the skydivers. Especially if they are doing it for the first time! Some experience and a valid license are required. You can also rent skydiving equipment and count on packing it on site.

When we are at the height of the balloon jump, the jumpers get on the basket and jump. They are launched one by one, or in pairs, as agreed during the briefing. Fantastic experience for the passengers, who watch it excited and of course record everything they can ;).

Flight to the landing area

Once the flight time has elapsed, we look for a good place to land. The basket approaches land smoothly. We receive the last indications from the pilot, such as the safety posture, and we land… Which is one of the funniest and most exciting moments of the balloon flight.

If the wind exceeds 15km / h (8 knots) the basket can drag a few meters, always a reason for laughter and anecdotes. The ground staff vehicles, have been in contact by radio, will pick us up to take us back to the take-off point to collect the cars.

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If you have come with us, we will take you to the Venta Pazo 2. There we meet the others who come in their cars. Here we will have our nice breakfast prepared. We invite you to toast with Iberian ham, natural orange juice, coffee, cola, soft drinks, mineral water … Then we proceed to the Celebration of the Baptism of the Air with Capitan Green cava and the Diplomas. And we finish with a champagne toast and … see you hopefully next time!

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