Hot-air Balloon Jump could be a real fun for the skydivers. Experience the majestic flight with in rising sun. In total silence, where you can hear only the whistling of the flames from the burners. A great attraction for skydivers accustomed to the roar of airplane turbines.

Hot-air Balloon Jump

On the other hand a balloon ride is a very exciting alternative if you like to watch skydiving, but don’t plan to skydive. For skydivers, however, a hot-air balloon jump is a fantastic experience, that must be done at least once!

Skydive Atmosphere organizes hot air balloon rides and jumps at least once a month. In collaboration with the only one company authorised by AESA, Green Aeroestación. It is a company with a massive experience of over 3,000 balloon flights around the world.

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We fly in southern Spain, Seville, area of Aznalcollar fields.
For each flight we can take onboard 6 skydivers and 6 passengers. Usually we have more skydivers than passengers interested. But the balloon needs weight to manoeuvre to land safely. That's why we ask your weight (or the voucher recipient) as a passenger.