Now this is the perfect weather for skydive in Spain

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September is the best month for skydive in Spain!

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The green grass is back and leaves are still on the trees. Temperatures around 30 deg. C. are pleasant for skydive in Spain. It’s still warm at night, one sleeps nicely without A/C. Winds are mild, no windmills, no thermics and the day is still very long!

After the jumps you can rest comfortably in our skydiving base, with full board and swimming pool. I enclose a photo from our totally private garden taken 1st of October. Staying at the instructors house also gives you opportunity to have constant access to knowledge and take the most advantage of your stay.

Yesterday we hosted Cris from England . He brought his wife and decided to renew his AFF rating, after quite a long break. As you can see, in Spain you can skydive all year round, which makes this place the best place to skydive in Europe. Congrats to Cris for making good decision! Come back soon for your A licence progression and don’t wait so long this time 😉

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Come to skydive in Spain to Skydive Atmosfera. Find out more about your AFF course in Polish language here.

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