New AFF course, massive fun

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aff course kurs aff atmosfera

Starting of a new AFF course is always fun!

New  students anxious to clear their doubts, fun at ground school, water training for B licencje USPA and as always skydives everyday from 15000ft. Here you have some fresh photos. As you can see our swimming pool needs desperately a renovation. Should you have a great heart to be join the list of our swimming pool sponsors, we accept all donations, even as small as 5 euros. Best idea is to send money via Paypal: We are an association and appreciate your support and your name will be written on the swimming pool wall.

In the meantime have a look at the fun we are having and don’t hesitate any more to join us in sunny Spain!
skydive aff course skokiwhiszpanii-003 skydive atmosfera-001

Kings prawn  in garlic, white wine and olive oil, that’s the way we like it!
skydive atmosfera-003aff course

Andrew’s first jump in AFF course.

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