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skydive atmosfera accommodation

Skydive Atmosfera accommodation is the answer for you!

If you are a skydiver and want to spend your time after the jumps in a place that is a bit more comfortable than a cold hotel room, join Hacienda Atmosfera. Here you will not be neither alone, nor surrounded by a crowded and loud Spaniards 😉 15 mins from the DZ there is a 12 beds guesthouse with 5 bathrooms, private garden with a nice all-year-round swimming pool, sauna, WIFI, big living room with fire place and cosy room with A/C and heating. And in addition we provide full board with wine/beer included in your meals, which we prepare ourselves on site. We like mediterranean and best of the Polish cuisine, with local original products, based on extra virgin olive oil and dietetic indications. All this for a price of aprox. 2 plane tickets per night. You do deserve it!

Here you can spend all the time you need to recover after the jumps or entertain yourself in worse weather conditions. In the 1 hour drive area you will find a lot of things to do and we will help you to guide you around.

It’s also good to know that your AFF instructors and your private rigger live here too, so should you have any problem with your rig, we solve it no time. Our skydiving gears choice will surprise you as well. Here you can buy your basic accessories, altimeters, even order your jumpsuit. We would be delighted to serve you with our experience and advice.

Our AFF Residencial courses are available also in English and in feet, but first of all we would like to invite skydivers to check our facilities and stay with us.

skydive atmosfera accommodation

We have accommodation available starting from 20th October until the end of November. Please get in touch for more details.

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